Android App Development using Kotlin Free Udemy Course

Android App Development using Kotlin Free Udemy Course

Android App Development using Kotlin Free Udemy Course. Develop Android apps in Kotlin and publish it to Play Store.

Building Android apps using Java requires a lot of boilerplate and ceremonial code. Do you want to build apps in Android in an easy and effective way? Move to Kotlin a first class language for Android apps. It has made the life of developers quite easy.

This course will get you acquainted with Kotlin and build effective Android applications. The course teaches you in creating an Android app using Kotlin-Android extension plugin easily. Next, you will see how to use features of Kotlin like Object Oriented features, Companion Objects , Kotlin classes, to implement them in your android application. Finally, the course teaches you how to style your application and publish it to the Google Play Store and make it available to the world.

By the end of the course you will learn to use Kotlin for developing your Android Application in a easy and effective way.

What you’ll learn?

  1. Build Android apps using Kotlin Programming Language
  2. Explore the basic functionality of how an Android app works using Kotlin
  3. Use Android APIs such as save data permanently and implement Navigation Drawer
  4. Implement Lists using RecyclerView and learn about Kotlin classes
  5. Utilize the Power of Kotlin in an Android app
  6. Style your app for an enhanced user experience
  7. Publish your app to Google Play Store
Who is the target audience?
  • The course is designed for those who are excited to learn how to develop Android apps using Kotlin and Publish it on to Google Playstore

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