JavaScript – Beginner’s Step By Step Guide Free Udemy Course

JavaScript - Beginner's Step By Step Guide Free Udemy Course

Free Udemy Course – JavaScript – Beginner’s Step By Step Guide. Learn JavaScript from scratch, build a solid foundation with quizzes and coding exercises.

Fresh New style of teaching 

  • “The course uses a wonderful, amazing, friendly and clearly method for teaching Us.”  – Paulo Passos
  • “It’s a great beginner course to JS. Recommended for people just starting out to learn the basic concepts.” – Gabriel Ong

Build a solid foundation on JavaScript

In this course, my goal is to help you build a solid foundation on JavaScript even if you have no experience with JavaScript. This course is designed to build concepts via power point presentations, consolidate learning through coding exercises, build confidence via building small projects, quizzes and more.

The summary of this course is:

  • JavaScript Variables and Data types
  • JavaScript Statements like if-else, for-while loop, switch-case etc.
  • JavaScript Functions
  • JavaScript Objects and Arrays
  • Document Object Model
  • Browser Object Model
  • Coding exercises and Quizzes

At the end of this course, you will be able to write JavaScript code with ease, you will have a solid foundation of JavaScript and be able to build interactive webpages with JavaScript.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn JavaScript

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