KeePass – Keep your password safe Free Udemy Course

KeePass - Keep your password safe Free Udemy Course

KeePass – Keep your password safe Free Udemy Course. A guide on how to use the safest password manager step by step.

Each of us has an account somewhere. In the Internet age it is inevitable. With the development of technology, the number of threats in the network increases. A lot of people do not realize the dangers that await unwary Internet users.

The first step to increasing your safety is to be aware of these threats.

Many people have the same password for many websites, including banking. In addition, these passwords are usually not too strong. Hackers are aware of this and use it. Of course, banking services are well secured. The hacker will focus on obtaining a password from a poorly secured website. The password obtained in this way can be used for further surveillance and attack on our bank account.

How can you protect yourself in this case?

There will never be 100% certainty about the security of our data. However, we can hinder the task of hackers to reduce the profitability of the undertaking. It is best to have a different password for each website and that it should be sufficiently complex and does not contain personal data.

Just how to remember so many passwords? 

Here comes the password manager – KeePass.

KeePass is an open source program. Many specialists checked the program for security. KeePass on his site has many awards for its security standard.

The European FOSSA commission has carried out a KeePass security audit – no serious security defects found. 

This is what makes KeePass one of the best and trustworthy password managers.

Who is target audiences?

  • If you have the same password for each service
  • If you want to increase the security of your data and accounts

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