Management Crash Course: Tactical Training for New Managers Free Udemy Course

Management Crash Course: Tactical Training for New Managers Free Udemy Course

Free Udemy Course – Management Crash Course: Tactical Training for New Managers. Master Real World Management Skills – Practical Exercises to Help You Tackle the 7 Challenges that Every Manager Faces.

When I first became a new manager just over 5 years ago, I was thrilled.  But fairly quickly, my excitement and pride gave way to new anxieties — I was underprepared, overwhelmed, and felt like an imposter.  Unfortunately, I now realize that I wasn’t alone.  Most new managers are not equipped to tackle the challenges they will face shifting into their new management roles.  This course aims to fix that.

After managing teams ranging from sales to marketing to operations over the last several years, I am finally making the practical management course that I wish I’d been given on day one.  I have surveyed hundreds of new managers and recent graduates from the Stanford MBA program, and I’ve identified 7 New Manager Moments that each and every new manager encounters over their careers, but is almost never ready to handle.

Through practical exercises, tactical tips, community interaction, and lectures based on real world management war stories, you’ll become a successful manager by learning from my own personal mistakes.  The course includes a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee, access to the instructor for Q&A, networking with a global community of new managers, and lifetime access with new content added periodically.

This course will cover:

  • Hiring 101 (including creating the perfect interview process)
  • Firing 101 (tactical tips to prepare yourself for the most high stakes conversation that a manager will confront)
  • Adapting your leadership style to different types of performers (top performers, cultural misfits, and everything in between)
  • Frameworks and approaches for giving feedback and handling difficult conversations
  • Managing without authority, including across teams
  • Setting goals that fit your team’s needs
  • Delegation, and juggling the competing demands of management and execution

This course is not a high-level course on management philosophy.  It is a course for new managers, by a new(ish) manager.  It is a practical handbook on how to go from a new manager to someone that is able to adapt to any situation, but ready to confront the most common challenges you’ll no doubt face.

After taking this course, you’ll face the road ahead as a manager with confidence and a tactical tool kit that can serve as a reference manual for anything that comes ahead.

Who is the target audience?
  • While this course is optimized for new managers looking to arrive prepared at the management challenges ahead, it is also intentionally designed in a modular manner so that it can support seasoned managers as they encounter the most comment management challenges (e.g., hiring, firing, setting team goals, adapting your management approach to different performers, etc.).

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