Math Foundation: Geometry Free Udemy Course

Math Foundation: Geometry Free Udemy Course

Math Foundation: Geometry Free Udemy Course. Master the fundamentals of Geometry!

An education or career in STEM is built on a firm foundation of the basic principles of science and mathematics. This 12-part course is intended to add a firm understanding of the concepts of geometry to the foundation that you built your knowledge on. The course is arranged into 12 modules:

Module_01 – Common Geometry Terms

Module_02 – Points and Planes

Module_03 – Lines and Segments

Module_04 – Angles

Module_05 – Triangles

Module_06 – Pythagorean Theorem

Module_07 – Circles

Module_08 – Polygons

Module_09 – Perimeter and Area

Module_10 – Integers and the Number Line

Module_11 – Coordinate Plane

Module_12 – Solid Figures (definition, surface area, volume, net)

Who is the target audience?
  • This is a great course for anyone that has an interest or a need to study geometry.
  • Adults returning to study and in need of a refresher or a bridging course.
  • Middle School Students studying geometry for the first time.
  • Parents of students looking for a great reference as a homework helper.
  • Teachers looking for additional material to supplement their lessons.
  • Working professionals looking to expand their knowledge.

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