Simplified Animated Biology Free Udemy Course

Simplified Animated Biology Free Udemy Course

Free Udemy Course – Simplified Animated Biology. The most advanced animation tools to make biology as simple as possible. Recommended for IGCSE AP levels.

The biggest proportion of this course are visual assisting materials, including animations, pictures and videos. However; the least proportion is for words and paragraphs. After finishing this course you will not suffer anymore from boring and long details related to biology since the largest “written” slide will not exceed four sentences. Everything will be animated and simplified for you.

The course will cover five main topics:

1-Cell Biology and Microscopy

2-Biological Molecules


4-Cell Membranes and Transport

5-Mitotic Division

Bear in mind that the course will be continuously updated, many more chapters will be uploaded with more and more simplified animations. Quizzes and answer keys will also be included for each section alone.

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Who is the target audience?
  • Students from all levels of education ranging from middle and high schools to university students.

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